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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Fresh New Start and the Beginning of My Story

As I rolled into the year 2011 I graciously accepted my role as a full time mom. As Christmas 2010 came and went I decided I needed an end to the complete and udder chaos in my household. I started a list of resolutions and here's what I came up with:

-Set a flexible routine for me and my family. Something routine and predictable that the children can recognize.

-Get organized! Discard stuff that we haven't been using. Manage an organizing system within the household.

-Become a little more 'Green'.

Here's where the challenging part of my year will begin. I want to start making small changing in the way we do things, and the things we use and eat. The Changes that I want to make happen this year are:

-Recycle. I need to call the city and get a recycling box for us. The kids can even help participate in this by helping me sort recyclables.

-Phase out store bought cleaning products for more homemade household cleaners. I already have some great recipes for laundry soap, fabric softener, dusters, carpet cleaners, All purpose spray cleaner, oven cleaner, and floor cleaner. Since most of these homemade products contain similar ingredients it should make for a big $$ saver too.

-Start a veggie garden. I've been growing a few vegetables every year. But I really want to expand that area this year. I also want to avoid using chemical pesticides and chemical products on them. I have a lot of work ahead of me on this one. Lots of beds to prepare this year. But it should be fun, it will give me and the kids lots to do outside this spring.

-Anything produce wise I don't grow I want to purchase from the farmers market. I went a couple times last year and it was always a lot of fun. The produce from the local farmers here is great! Much cheaper to!

I'm really striving for a change this year. I am also becoming more domesticated. I have taken up sewing again. A favorite pastime hobby! I'm already starting to make handmade items for friends as gifts. I also have been doing a lot of cooking and baking as gifts for people. I know plenty of people who would be disappointed if trays of my baked goods didn't show up around certain holidays.

All and all I want this blog to be my chronicles of 'my green adventures'. I'm sure it won't always focus on the very topic of being green. It may just be good reading about my mishaps of being a stay at home mom. I'm sure I'll share some recipes, maybe any cool money saving tips I learn, and various other topics that come into my life in 2011. So whatever comes this year, I hope you enjoy the read!

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  1. I think all of these are great ideas. And knowing who you come from I dont think you will have any problem doing them. I think that involving your kids will be a great idea, It will teach them alot! Good luck and cant wait to read all your blogs!